Tamara Montenegro was born in Nicaragua, where she’s been among the pioneers of the electronic music scene and for many years the country’s only female DJ and producer. Over the past ten years she has DJ’d globally at renowned clubs like Cielo (NYC), Sugar Factory (Amsterdam), Macarena (Barcelona) and Vertigo (San Jose, CR), and taken part of the festival circuit in Central America. Unconstrained by genres, she produces music that is deep, entrancing and emotionally charged, and has released on labels like NYC-based NOSI Music, Berlin’s Subtrak and Future is Now, among many others. She also composes and designs sound for film, theater, advertising, fashion and art shows. She recently completed a Masters in Sound Art at the University of Barcelona and is now also creating immersive sound installations and researching ecoacoustics.

Tamara’s love for electronic music goes back to the dark, pulsating dance floor of Stereo Afterhours in the village of Montreal, Canada, where she experienced underground dance culture at its finest. Discovering the transcendental power of music and dance at these modern urban rituals is what compelled her to pursue DJing. Convinced that music has the power to bring about social transformation and personal and collective healing, she sees DJing as an act of urban shamanism and approaches her sets and compositions from a deeply spiritual place, building her sound as a ceremonial journey meant to offer glimpses of infinite inner worlds shared on the dance floor.

Her latest project, Heart in Nature, is an attempt to bring all her passions together into a cross-media label where art, technology, sound and ecology converge into projects such as film, immersive sound installations, trips of field recordings and concerts.