Ramon Pineda, also knows as Nano, is a Honduran DJ and producer from San Pedro Sula. Launching his career in 2006 he quickly established himself in his home city be earning a residency at Esperanto. For two years his “Esperanto Session” residency brought electronic music to the masses of San Pedro Sula for the first time.

Pineda refined his mixing style and musical tastes at Esperanto , developing a fresh, lively and aesthetic sound to match his technical ability. Ready to move forward in his career and grow as an artist Pineda first formed Arsis Studio and later in 2010 teamed up with fellow San Pedro Sulan DJ and producer Rafa Verdial to launch Re:Tune Music. With his focus solely on Re:Tune the label has grown into Honduras’ most important music distribution label.

Wanting more than releasing music to the people, Re:Tune has become renowned for hosting national events like Pulhanation, inviting the best national and Central American DJ’s to pay alongside international guests in an exquisite outdoor setting found only in Honduras with the beautiful Pulhapanzak waterfalls as the backdrop to this one of a kind event. Pulhanation has become Re:Tune’s signature and most highly anticipated event each year throughout Honduras and the region.

Since launching Re:Tune, Pinedas’ success has continued to grow having now established himself at the top of the national scene. Nano has been invited to play the most important event in the country, Sunjam (Resident Advisors “raunchiest techno party on the planet”) as well as taking Re:Tune events to neighboring countries El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. He has shared the booth with acclaimed international DJ’s like Xpansul, Joseph Capriati and Tony Rohr to name a few.

Dedicated to the music and the people, Pinedas’ career is beginning to blossom and finds success in every new concept he pursues. Playing throughout Honduras and Central America he brings an unmatched energy and passion to the decks, his music and production as well as the events he plans in order to bring unfrogettable music experiences to the masses.