Gil K is a bonafide member of the NYC underground DJ elites and has come to represent the renaissance of the NYC underground movement. As a seasoned DJ, label owner and event promoter, he has been a prominent force in NYC’s music industry for nearly a decade. Whatever the setting calls for, his music sensibility and versatility consistently brings a unique and undeniably addictive edge to any crowd.

Gil K has built worldwide connections and spread a wide net of influence across various continents.  At this stage of the game, he is leveraging the multitude of relationships that he has built throughout the years in studio collaboration. Coming full circle from the experiences of being a DJ and an active participant in the global scene, he is merging everything into production opportunities with long-standing friends and new counterparts.

As he begins the next step in his musical journey, his releases on NOSI, Red Ant, Motek, Re:Tune, and more have been winning him acclaim the world over. Keep an eye out for his next label project with industry stalwart, Alexi Delano, called “New Future Series” which is set to debut in late 2015.