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MM:  Tell us a little about NOSI Music, your record label?

Yeah, wow, what a ride. I started the label 11 years ago when I was on my first tour in Central America. I was really inspired by the travel, the sounds, and the experiences I was having out there. I really wanted to create a platform for new artists to get their music out there, and from there, NOSI Music was born.

MM:  What can we expect from NOSI in 2017?

Right now we’re working on our next vinyl release, this time with Click Box from Brazil. We’re expecting it to be out around springtime and it will feature a remix from myself and my long-time production partner Jose Villeda. So we’re really excited about that. We’re also collecting new material for our Welcome to NOSI Music compilation series for this summer as well.

MM:  You just celebrated your 10 year Anniversary, tell us a little about that.

Man, ten years doing anything is a long time. It’s great to go back through the catalog and thing of all the friends we made, fun times we shared, and amazing music we’ve put out into the world. It’s really great to think about. We hosted our anniversary party at Output in Brooklyn with Loud Neighbor, Luis Maier, K1W1, and myself, and it was a pretty killer time. That venue is amazing.

MM:  You have been over to South Africa a couple of times, tell us about the scene over there and the Festival you play at.

Gil KFor anyone that gets a chance, go to Africa. It’s unreal. The beauty, the people, the music, it’s on another level entirely. I’ve been lucky enough to play over there 3 times in the past 4 years in both Zimbabwe and South Africa. The Neverland Festival in Zimbabwe has really been advancing the country’s music scene, and it’s great to see how much it’s grown year after year.

Cape Town is a world unto itself. The city is a jewel. I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to play their premier club, ERA, a couple of times. There’s never a bad time when Funktion One is involved. That city, the whole country actually, really knows how to have a good time. I tagged along with some friends to the Kinky Disco jam on NYE on a vineyard, and it blew me away. Can’t wait to go back!

MM:  Tell us about your experiences in Utila at SunJam.

Jaja, most of them are not fit to print. You have to go and experience it for yourself, everyone’s trip is a little different. But I will say that it’s the most magical place I’ve even been to experience music. The organizers of the festival are doing something really special and I hope it continues for another 20 years. My Sunjam family hold a very special place in my heart, and it’s really been the inspiration for so much that I’ve accomplished in the music business. Luis Maier and Alfredo welcomed me with open arms in 2004, and it’s been all love every since. Some of the best friends I have in the world now are because of Sunjam and Utila.

MM:  Name one or a few of the artists you most look up to?

I’ve met so many talented and kind people over the years. Some real assholes too. In a way I look up to all of them as each has something to teach me. Over the last few years I’ve been lucky to forge a friendship with Alexi Delano, a living legend in the industry and probably one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet in your life. We met at his first Sunjam in 2009 and grew to be friends over the years hanging out in the Brooklyn scene together. Anyone that knows him would agree that he’s a really warm and generous person, who’s also super professional and serious about his work. It’s rare that you find people like that anymore. But I guess that’s why he’s been so successful for so long. He’s taught me a lot about balance and perseverance in this business.

MM:  What are a few tracks that could never get tired of?

Ah man, there a couple heathers that I never get tired of.

Peace Division – “What is That Sound?”

Steve Bug – “This is Acid”

Denis Cruz – “24/7”

Villeda – “Regression”

Alexi Delano & Jesper Dahlback (ADJD) – “Guts to Move”

Martijn Ten Velden – “Shake Your”

MM:  Favorite gig ever played?

Every gig is my favorite! No, seriously, I really enjoy them all. Recently  was invited to Magma Fest on a volcanic island in Nicaragua. It was great to reconnect with a lot of my Sunjam family and see how the scene has grown there. The crowd is just so up for anything, I felt like every track I played was meant to be. Really great energy.

MM:  What can we expect from Gil K in 2017?

Hopefully a lot!

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