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MM:  When did your music career begin?

Hi guys, first of all I want to say hi and thanks for the opportunity to be here talking about my music life. I started my music career in 1994 and by 2003 I start Click Box. A year later I invited my ex partner to be part of the project, we toured together for 10 years, after this I decided to be alone again and be the only one in front of Click Box. It’s different and now I’m happier with my music style, in 2016 I did two super releases that really meant a lot to me, one on  Mr. C’s Superfreq, and one on Trapez, the Things Ep, and because of this Ep I began to play live again, and also because of this EP I decided to name my tour as Things Live Tour.

MM:  What is the meaning behind the tour’s name “Things”?

Things, Its all, it’s music, it’s fun, its flow, it’s synthesizer, it’s my universe, it’s my word, it’s my life! I just finished up that tour. Let’s talk about the new one, slow dancer. I I just singled with the new label from Chicago called Silencio, It’ a really great label that, band because of this I’m working on my new tour, the Slow Dance Tour.

MM:  What is your favorite thing to do while on tour?

I know, this sounds really strange but i love the flights and airports, its the only moment I’m really alone, its only me, myself and I. I think about about music, about my next gears, my life… Flights sometimes suck but its fantastic at the same time.

click boxMM:  What can we expect from you this year? Another tour? New music (maybe an EP or album)?

Yes, I just started to compose my new live act, new tour, new music new directions , new horizons. Slow dancer. Slow Dancer means, acid, trippy. Do you know Tommy Boy label? Do you remember the artwork from the label. Slow Dancer is something like that, It’s like Plastikman but in another way. Its house, funky, minimal, I dunno whats it is. its music tho shake your ass. It’s not a only name, this represent my life style now, relaxed, trippy, acid and flow. Last year I had an accident, i broke my leg in a few places and because of this I stayed for almost 5 months in  my home. I moved my studio to my living room, and after this one of my best friends, Rudy Delgado , invite me to be part of the new label Silencio. He was the label manager for Minus before and now he is the A&R for Silencio, after this I did like 12 tracks and he chose the 4 tracks for my ep. they are amazing, those racks are my new babes Im really excited about this new restart of Click Box, after all I changed everything, I think some people will be shocked after they listen to it and some people will love it… I’m super happy about it all. Im also working in an album for the second part of 2017 or maybe begin of 2018, I dunno, I already have the tracks, I tested all of them on my recent live tour to see what’s happen on the dance floor, I trust in my job, they are bombs! Also for the second part of 2017 I have a release on NOSI music from my friend Gil, I also have a collab EP with Alexi Delano, we will release on his new label, those releases are also funky, minimal and groovy, I also have some new stuffs and some new artists on my label, Timbral Records and one collab on Meant Records from FR with my friend Remain, there is so many things for 2017. stay connected on my social networks to know more about all.

MM:  What do you usually start with when preparing a set?

Hummm, honestly? I don’t know, its natural to me, I use my love for the music, its, simple, its feeling, I cannot explain this. I don’t know, really, I dunno, I play what I want and want I like.

MM:  What makes you decide to play a particular song or album during one of your sets?

The flow, for me have one kind of music, good music… some people don’t like to play more than one track for the same ep or from the same album, if inside the ep or the album have 2 – 10 good tracks I will play all of them!

MM:  Why is it important to build a relationship and connection with the music you’re playing?

You need to have fun! its simple! Its like this : Music + Fun = Life!

click boxMM:  What is it that you love about the music?

I came around music when i was very young when i was 14 years old, I met my wife and my best friend through music, music is my life!

MM:  What was the memorable night of the “Things Live” Tour for you.

It’s hard to say only one! for me all the places have they special point

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